Wedding Events


Whether you want a traditional touch or a contemporary touch to your wedding event, we conceptualize it beautifully. The tradition of baraat travelling to the venue is not only a custom now but the most enjoyable and fun part of the wedding day. The varmala ceremony can be customised as per your dream entry. Pheras mark the union of two people and hence is the most essential and emotional ritual of the ceremony. This long day comes to an end with the Vidai ceremony where the bride's family officially bids farewell to their daughter.

Wedding Sangeet

Sangeet Ceremony is a celebration filled with entertainment, laughter, dance, fun and food.  We help you organize  the concepts, theme, script, music editing, voice overs and choreography, as personalized and customized as possible, while all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the moment.

Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony is considered sacred in all wedding ceremonies in India. We provide an all enclosed plan to conduct the mehendi ceremony keeping up with the traditions. Not just that, we also select and decorate the venue making sure the mehendi function is fun and entertaining.

Bhaat Function

Bhaat is a function hosted for the mother of the bride or groom by her maternal family. Here she is made to feel special by pampering her with gifts such as clothes, accessories, sweets and food. We take care of all the arrangements for this auspicious ceremony as required by the family.


The Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath also known as pithi ceremony, which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Haldi holds an important place in Indian traditions because it also purifies and cleanses the body. The auspiciousness of this ingredient and its colour brings prosperity to the couple to start off their new life together. This ceremony can be curated in a super fun way with music, dance, games and a marigold shower!