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Hospitality is love in action. An opportunity to show you love and care.

We undertake to

Local Travel

Transportation is a leap of faith and our team keeps its promises

No one likes to wait and we believe in being proactive.Our endeavour is to smoothen the local transportation for you.

We undertake to


We set the entire mood for the events and customise it as per your needs. You think and we create!

Decor is the most integral part of any event. It may be traditional, modern or contemporary. We conceptualize, design, create mood boards for each event and execute the ideas.  Coordination with the decorators in its entirety is vital and is one of our strengths. We help implement your thoughts and ideas and turn it into reality.


But first let us do some drama!

No event is possible without entertainment, laughter, music and dance. We are pioneers in entertainment planning. We organize ENTERTAINMENT while all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the moment. We plan-design- conceptualise- theme- create script and execute every event in detail. Entertainment may be planned with the involvement of family members or professionals.


In the right setting and at the right time everything is extraordinary.

We assist in suggesting the right media and providing all necessary technicals to all artists, performers and vendors. This is not only essential but crucial. It is ensured that the best quality of technical equipment and assistance is provided to justify all performances.

These include


It's not about having the best people with you, it's about having the right people!

Based on your preference and requirement we suggest options for artists to perform at your event. Our network of artists is wide and you may avail of their services despite geographical boundaries. We will make complete arrangements:

These include
Get various artists of your choice:


The most misunderstood and hyped aspect is the licensing work.

We give you complete and correct information regarding the need of the license such as PPL /IPRS/NOVEX depending on the nature of your event.

Venue management

Till the event, the venue is home  to you and your guests

It is our priority to make you feel comfortable and cared for. We coordinate  minute details and requirements with the hotel for a smooth stay.

In this regard we

Before your guests arrive a lot of back end planning goes on to ensure they have a comfortable stay and experience. We want them to feel as welcome as they would feel in your home.

In order to achieve this we look into the following

Gourmet selection and presentation

Food is symbolic of love when words fail

The most important part of any event is the food. Designing the food for an event encompasses understanding the client's taste and budget and then creating a menu. The spread has to be planned well, keeping in mind the nature of the event, timing, other interlinked events, the guest profile and preference, speciality of the venue, variety within the food grid and presentation. We engage a team of experts who will make sure your event is a delight to the taste buds.

This requires an expert team to

Design & Print

A personalised touch to every tiny thing  makes it an amazing experience.

Adding a personalised touch to each detail makes it a wholesome and loving experience.  We design and print event stationeries and collaterals for your events as per the theme. This gives it a seamless look in terms of colors, fonts and style.

We deliver the following

Social Media Planning

Don't post to impress, post to impact!

A well planned event must have the power to generate excitement right from the beginning! An event properly marketed is more than half successful even before it commences! Create the hype - get the verve on! And no better than creating a page on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK! The two virtual spaces where the world meets every millisecond! From creating the page, to maintaining it and posting about it for over a month past the event is what we propose!

We deliver the following

We never say no! We apologise in advance if we have not incorporated any other aspect you may have  liked to hear or know more about. We are a team of young individuals ready to perform to the best of our abilities. We go the extra mile to make sure your experience with us is a joyous and a memorable one. Please feel free to reach out to us and share any query. We are already at your service.